Nonprofit senior housing and health care provider to build on success of Infection Management and Antibiotic Stewardship software.

By Angie Andresen | July 13, 2022

Peerlytics | Infection Management & ABX Stewardship

Shoreview, Minn., July 13, 2022 As it celebrates 160 years, nonprofit senior housing and health care provider, Ecumen, is expanding its investment in technology development. Ecumen just announced a new technology portfolio called Peerlytics, which builds on the success of the abxtracker software it acquired last year. The new portfolio will launch even more web-based solutions designed for care environments — designed by health care experts.

“Ecumen has been an industry innovator throughout our long history, and our mission compels us to help as many people as possible,” said Shelley Kendrick, Ecumen President and CEO. “We’re doubling down on our investment in technology because we know what a game changer it will be for our entire industry. These solutions will make a huge difference in quality of care for seniors around the globe.”

Infection Management and Antibiotic Stewardship — and Beyond

Peerlytics Infection Management & ABX Stewardship (formerly abxtracker) is the first technology tool in the new suite of technology solutions designed to improve quality of life and patient/resident outcomes, with additional technologies expected to be launched in the coming year.

Originally developed by two seasoned Minnesota-based senior care pharmacists, Infection Management & ABX Stewardship is an antibiotic and infection control tracking software designed for long term care and assisted living, and aligned with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations. It allows providers to electronically track antibiotic use in real time, with the ultimate objective of reducing the use of antibiotics in senior care.

“This was created out of a real need in the senior living space,” said Brett K. Anderson, RN, chief ecosystem and operations officer, Ecumen. “We know that the overuse and over prescription of antibiotics can lead to negative outcomes, including increasing bacterial resistance.”

“Providers in the senior care space are looking for solutions that improve quality and outcomes for those they serve. The deep knowledge we bring to these solutions sets us apart and gives us a great opportunity to build on the technology for our residents and for other providers in our space,” Anderson said.

Additionally, the technology has expanded to infection control surveillance, which allows clinical teams to identify infection trends in real time and implement precautions to reduce the chance of spreading infections — including COVID-19, as well as other viral, fungal or bacterial infections such as influenza and norovirus among residents and staff. The patented mapping technology maps infection on a facility-specific map in real time.

Real-Time Results and Better Outcomes

Over the past year, skilled nursing communities using the Infection Management & ABX Stewardship software have seen a reduction in antibiotic use, saving an estimated $2,000 on antibiotics, but more importantly, reducing the over-prescription of antibiotics among residents in skilled nursing communities. Providers using the software also saved between 25 – 40 percent of nursing time in tracking and trending infections, and received no deficiencies in infection control and antibiotic stewardship regulation on their surveys.

“There are many more opportunities for innovation to improve the lives of those we serve, and that’s our goal,” Kendrick said. “From our industry-leading Awakenings program — which established standards to eliminate unnecessary antipsychotics and improve care for individuals with dementia – to our new Peerlytics technology platform, we are excited to offer solutions that are created by providers that enhance care, quality and outcomes for those we serve.”

About Ecumen

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