Ecumen Century Club: Happy 102nd Birthday Lisolette (Lisa) Erickson

Ecumen honors Lisolette (Lisa) Erickson, a resident of Ecumen Lakeshore in Duluth, who is 102.

Ecumen honors Lisolette (Lisa) Erickson, who is 102.

Born: April 19, 1914, in Berlin, Germany.

Residence: Ecumen Lakeshore, Duluth, Minn.                      

Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, travel in Europe and the U.S. Lisa’s favorite travel destination is Hawaii.  Loves to listen to music and used to attend the opera in Berlin with her dad, Moritz.

Family: One child and four grandchildren.  Her spouse is deceased.

Secrets of Longevity: Eat a healthy diet, drink a half glass of wine daily and don’t smoke.

Occupation: Worked as a hospital nurse and in a bank.

Interesting Facts: Loves to watch news, especially politics, and wants to see a woman President in the White House.

Congratulations on your 102nd birthday, Lisa! Ecumen honors you.