Ecumen Century Club: Happy 102nd Birthday Leona Hanson

Ecumen honors Leona Hanson, a resident of Heritage Living Center in Park Rapids, who is 102.

Ecumen honors Leona Hanson, who is 102.

Born: August 23, 1914, in Iowa.

Residence: Heritage Manor Assisted Living at Heritage Living Center in Park Rapids, Minn.                           

Hobbies/Interests: Letter writing, watching TV and going to the American Legion fish fry every Friday night.

Family: 4 children, 4 grandchildren. Married to Harold.  Grew up and lived in Lake Emma Township, Minn., most of her life.

Occupation: High school English teacher.

Secrets of Longevity: It runs in the family.  Her father lived to be 102, and her aunt lived to be 107.

Interesting Facts: “The best thing about getting old is that you get advertised a lot.”

Congratulations on your 102nd birthday, Leona! Ecumen honors you.