Ecumen Century Club: Happy 102nd Birthday Bernice Peterson

Ecumen honors Bernice Peterson, a resident of Ecumen Pathstone Living in Mankato, who is 102.

Ecumen honors Bernice Peterson, who is 102.

Born: Feb. 7, 1914, in Waseca, Minn.

Residence: Ecumen Pathstone Living in Mankato, Minn.                      

Hobbies/Interests: Walking and socializing.

Family: Married to Ted, now deceased, for more than 20 years.

Occupation: School principal, and teacher in 2nd, 7th  and 8th grades.

Secrets of Longevity: Genetics, maintaining mobility, healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep, being content and avoiding unnecessary medications.

Interesting Facts: “I always liked school,” Bernice says.  “I’ve had an interesting life.  And I have no regrets.”

Congratulations on your 102nd birthday, Bernice! Ecumen honors you.