Ecumen Century Club: Happy 101st Birthday Alice Mason

Ecumen honors Alice Mason, a resident of Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley, who is 101.

Ecumen honors Alice Mason, who is 101.

Born: Nov. 7, 1914, in Marion, Kan.  Spent most of her life in Wichita, Kan., and also lived in California and Las Vegas.

Residence: Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley.                           

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, crocheting, knitting and doing crossword puzzles.

Family: Married to Ralph, now deceased, for 25 years.  Three step-sons.

Occupation: Teacher of English and music in junior high, high school and college.  Also gave piano lessons.

Secrets of Longevity: Alice says it’s in her genes.  (She’s Danish and English.)  She also likes to walk and visit the fitness center occasionally.

Interesting Facts: Alice and Ralph went on sabbatical for one semester of teaching in Europe.  They rented a Volkswagen and traveled through Denmark, Italy, Germany and France.

Congratulations on your 101st birthday, Alice! Ecumen honors you.