By Randee Hall

Director of Community Services & Marketing
Ecumen Bethany Community

Residents at Ecumen Bethany had a wish: To help those less fortunate. 

As a group, residents chose to make a tied blanket, offer it in a silent auction and present the proceeds to the area food shelf.   Carol Head was visiting her mother at Bethany Home and was so impressed by the enthusiasm and pride shown by the residents that she ordered a blanket and donated the sale proceeds to the area food shelf.  

“It is such a joy to empower residents and see faces light up with delight on their accomplishments," said  Vanessa Warner, Bethany Activity Director.  “No matter the age, there is great pride in giving to others.  I am honored to help to make that happen.”   

Photo top right: Residents Ella Froemming (left) and Evelyn Lesuer

Photo below (left to right): Residents LuVerne Johnson, Erma Lefebvre, Hazel Erickson