Caught in the Middle

Interesting MSNBC article called ‘Caught in the Middle’ on the Sandwich Generation today shared with us from Ecumen’s Nicole Behm-Koep.Aging has so long been framed as something that impacts only the old. But here’s a story of a baby boomer caring for children and a parent who has dementia. In addition to those two full-time jobs she has another job outside of the house. Although it’s not explicitly said in the article, you can see how caring for senior parents connects to the workplace (time missed due to a parent’s needs), housing (a parent who doesn’t want to live in a nursing home and instead moves in with a son or daughter), transportation (helping Mom get to her morning care program) and a host of other areas that at first glance don’t seem to have anything to do with aging. As we advocate for changing aging as a profession, we have to start showing how aging is tied to so many other areas of our society. And what we do or don’t do … impacts many more people than seniors. Aging is about all of us.For more on this subject as it relates to caregiving, check out the research by the National Alliance on Caregiving.