Lorna James (right), a former art teacher in Worthington schools and resident of Ecumen Meadows, tours the “Ageless Art” show with Gail Holinka, one of her former students who is now an art teacher at Worthington High School.  (Photo courtesy of the Worthington Daily Globe)

Art treasures were hiding behind closed doors throughout Ecumen Meadows in Worthington.

Marketing Director Jodi Bentele — by her own admission “not an artsy person”— kept running across amazing work by the residents.  She was impressed both by the quality of the work and the quantity of talented artists, who also proved to be quite modest.

“You should show this,” Jodi would encourage.

“Oh, nobody wants to see that” was the typical resident response.

As it turns out, Jodi was right.  A couple of weeks ago, people flocked to the community for the “Ageless Art” exhibit she organized after persuading about 30 residents to show their work.

“It was just terrific,” Jodi says. “Everyone enjoyed it so much.”

Jodi recruited resident Lorna James, a former art teacher in Worthington schools, to curate the show. Residents displayed a wide range of art work, including paintings, sculpture, photography, wood work, needle work, crochet and jewelry. The show was held on Thursday, Sept. 29, and was so popular it stayed up throughout the weekend. Residents, families, staff and members of the community came together to socialize and admire the work. One of Lorna’s former students, Gail Holinka, now an art teacher at Worthington High School, was one of the many attendees. 

“We’re already looking forward to another show next year,” Jodi says. “Art is ageless and artists can be as well. This is just so much fun!”