The Aging of Minnesota: An Interactive View

Here's a graphic way to understand how fast Minnesota is aging.

In just three years, there will be 1 million seniors living in Minnesota. About 60,000 Minnesotans turn 65 this year, next year and every year through 2030. Soon 25 percent of the state’s adult population will be 65+.

To get a sense of how rapidly Minnesota is aging, check out this Face Aging MN interactive map. It breaks down each county’s senior population from now through 2030.

Why does this matter? Face Aging MN explains it this way:

“The impending shift in demographics in Minnesota and the US is not a surprise—as a society, we have seen this coming for some 60 years. However, we are now on the threshold of a fundamentally different age mix of our citizens. It’s time for us to support seniors, just as they’ve done for us… Most seniors will need some level of support, whether that’s help getting to the grocery store to home healthcare to more intensive care in a place they can call home… It’s going to take all of us—family members, neighbors, legislators and friends—to ensure a high quality of life for Minnesota’s growing senior population.”