AgeWell – Great Name, Cool Approach

Several of us went to a great event last evening at the Minnesota History Center sponsored by AgeWell. They are doing a number of interesting things with their focus being on ‘the best retirement home is your own.’ They provide home care, but they really look at it as ‘life care management.’ When they meet with a client they develop a ‘lifecare plan’ in conjunction with the customer. The plan gathers the customers’ insights and feedback in a number of areas, including:Fun/passionSocialHealthCognitiveSpiritualFinancialEnvironmental (home/surroundings)What this does is look at aging and serving a customer in a much more holistic way, not simply medically. It is all about the person. This type of holistic approach is a great opportunity for senior housing and long-term care professionals looking to make their expertise mobile. Like Detroit Lakes’ Emmanuel Community is doing.