5 Low-Impact Exercises for Joint Pain

AARP offers several exercises to help keep up an exercise routine, even with chronic joint pain. 

If your normal exercise routine is becoming too difficult due to joint pain, it does not mean you have to stop your active lifestyle. In a recent article for AARP, Jessica Theifels explained five low-impact versions of exercises for those with joint pain.

  • Rowing Machine: “The rowing machine gives you a great low-impact cardio workout that also strengthens your whole body, from legs and core to upper back and arms.”
  • Gentle Yoga: “A gentle-yoga class will be kind to your joints while helping you to maintain flexibility and stability.”
  • TRX: “Often called suspension training, the classic TRX straps use gravity and a person's body weight to help build strength while easing the load on weak or painful knee joints.”
  • Swimming: “Regular swimming exercise reduced joint pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis and improved muscle strength and functional capacity in middle-aged and older adults with osteoarthritis."
  • Elliptical: “These machines let you simulate a walking, running or climbing motion, but with less strain on your joints. Because you can vary the intensity from low to high, the elliptical can substitute for running or enable you to take your walking routine to the next level.”

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