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2015 Gift Guide for the Seniors
Date: Dec 15th, 2015 11:41am


Greta Erickson

If you are looking for last-minute gifts for the seniors in your life, look no further. has put together a list of practical gifts that seniors are sure to enjoy, categorized by price.

A few of the gift ideas include:

Grandparent Talk, a game that uses a deck of question cards to stimulate social interaction and spontaneous discussion between grandparents and children who don't necessarily recognize the store of knowledge that their grandparents hold. A perfect source of holiday entertainment!

LifeBio Memory Journal, is a book of creative, memory-jogging questions about life, with sufficient space after each question to capture handwritten answers. It creates a wonderful opportunity for a grandparent to pass on stories and wisdom to the generations.

Power Shovel, is a great gift for the seniors in your life who want to clear snow but whose back or arm strength is not up to it anymore. This small machine tackles snow up to 6 inches deep on any hard surface, such as patios, driveways, walkways, or front steps.

Keurig's one-cup brewers, is a perfect gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life. This mini brewing system brews a single cup with no guesswork or leftover water. Compact and easy to use, these brewers make good sense for a small home kitchen or in an assisted living environment.

Read about these great gift ideas, and more in's article.


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