11 Effective Stress-Reducing Activities From Americans Who Know

11 ways Americans who experience a great deal of stress are reducing their stress levels.

We all know that life can be stressful.  But now we have numerical data on what stresses Americans out and what many are doing to reduce that stress.  National Public Radio, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health recently released a major study on American stress entitled:  The Burden of Stress in America.

The source of the biggest stress seems to change by age in adulthood:  Younger generations point to "too many responsibilities" and "problems with finances" as their big stressors.  For people 65+, the biggest stressor was mentioned as "their own health problems" followed by the health problems of family members.  Here is how respondents who were experiencing "A Great Deal of Stress" in the past month rated the effectiveness of activities they used to reduce their stress levels:

1.  Regularly spent time outdoors (94%)

2.  Regularly spent time on a hobby (93%)

3.  Regularly exercised (89%)

4.  Regularly spent time with a pet (87%)

5.  Regularly meditated or prayed (85%)

6.  Regularly spent time with family or friends (83%)

7.  Took time off work (79%)

8.  Regularly got a full night's sleep (76%)

9.  Used prescription medication (70%)

10.  Received professional help (65%)

11.  Regularly at healthfully (63%)

How do you reduce stress?  Is is one of these activities?