10 Misconceptions about Aging

A recent article for AgingCare explains that there is no typical “older personality.”

In a recent article for AgingCare, Dr. Allen Weiss, CEO and President of the NCH Healthcare System, writes that “An old adage is again proving true: What we think will happen, happens. Essentially, as we age, we become what we think we will become.”

The Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that seniors with a positive bias are 44 percent more likely to recover from a bout of disability, writes Dr. Weiss, who is board certified in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Geriatrics.

Dr. Weiss is a firm believer that, “there is no typical ‘older personality’,” and outlines the top 10 Misconceptions about Aging:

  • Misconception #1: Older people aren't interested in the outside world
  • Misconception #2: Older people don't want or need close relationships
  • Misconception #3: Older people contribute little to society
  • Misconception #4: As you age, you get more set in your ways
  • Misconception #5: Mental and physical deterioration are inevitable in old age
  • Misconception #6: Older people are impoverished
  • Misconception #7: Older people are not interested in sex or intimacy
  • Misconception #8: Older people can't make good decisions about important issues
  • Misconception #9: Older folks lose their desire to live
  • Misconception #10: Science has answered all our questions about aging

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