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Bridging the Gap in a 50-Year Friendship at Esprit Whispering Ridge
Date: Nov 6th, 2013 11:03am


Ecumen Communications

By Kim Hall Grier, Senior Living Consultant, Esprit Whispering Ridge

Mary Ellen and Marie were Bridge partners and devoted friends for more than 50 years.  Their husbands were friends and had introduced them one day at the Happy Hollow Country Club in Omaha.

 “We just hit it off,” Marie said.  “We had so much in common. We were like two peas in a pod.”

 Then time and circumstances separated them. They lost touch in 2009.

 In June of this year, Mary Ellen moved to Esprit Whispering Ridge, an Ecumen-managed community in Omaha. She quickly declared her love of Bridge.  As luck would have it, another woman, Jerrie, moved to Esprit the same day and also loved Bridge. A makeshift game came together, with staff members filling empty seats. But what they really needed was a regular fourth.

 One day, a woman came to look at Esprit Whispering Ridge as a possible residence for her mother, Marie. A senior living consultant was showing Marie’s daughter around the assisted living facility. The daughter mentioned that her mom just adores playing Bridge. “That’s great,” the consultant said. “Let me show you the Bridge game going on over here. They really need a fourth.”

 Suddenly the daughter’s eyes lit up. “Oh, my…that’s Mary Ellen! That’s my mom’s best friend.”

 In October, Marie also moved to Esprit, joined the Bridge game, and now plays every single day with her best friend.  And after Bridge, they enjoy reminiscing about the good old days at Happy Hollow.   

They remember how Marie preferred tennis, and Mary Ellen favored golf, and how that was a good thing-- because they were always playing Bridge together.  Just like now….


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